Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Seeding Square Story Ideas

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Thank you for visiting the Seeding Square Blog. In this post you will find 3 separate story angles that you are welcome to use for your article about Seeding Square. Feel free to use them as-it, rewrite them to make them your own, or write an article on a topic of your choosing. You are welcome to use any of the pictures from our:
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If you have any comments or questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you for helping us get the name 'Seeding Square' out to the world. Here are the 3 articles for you to peruse...

Pitch #1:
Story Idea: Seeding Square Revolutionizes Home Gardening

With the brand new invention of the Seeding Square, gardening just became that much
easier and efficient. The Seeding Square gives you the ability to plant a perfectly organized
garden and it fits the optimal amount of plants in your garden. Gaining the highest yield
possible is the goal of every gardener, and now it’s a foolproof method with Seeding
Square. With very little space needed for the garden itself, all seeds are planted in
perfectly straight grid formation and it’s all done in a fraction of the time. You can easily
double, if not triple your overall yield in your home garden.

Not only is the Seeding Square easy to use, it is also proven that gardening alone can help
relieve stress but it will also give you healthy, organic produce that you and your entire
family can enjoy on a consistent basis. The effortless attention of gardening will not only
give you organic produce in the middle of a city in your own backyard, but it will also reduce the bills you would have to pay on the produce that you are now growing. Gardening alone can do this but with the Seeding Square it can be accomplished in half the time.

Media Contact: Jennifer Pratt
Email: seedingsquare@gmail.com

Pitch #2:
Story Idea: Must Have For Urban Gardeners

If you live in the city, then the Seeding Square is a perfect fit for your home gardening. We
all understand that living in the city means that growing a garden can be very difficult, time consuming, as well as ineffective, but with the new Seeding Square you won’t have to worry about that at all! Running out of space or less of a yield for your garden won’t be an issue either. As a matter of fact with this new invention by Jennifer Pratt, you can actually gain double if not triple your normal, urban garden yield. This is very exciting news for the consistent urban¬ gardener, and now even exciting news for the less consistent
urban ¬gardeners.

Even in an urban backyard, gardens grow in lush and thick, giving a yield up to three times
the regular amount, due to the exact spacing of the Seeding Square and its minimization in
weeds popping up. Not only will the Seeding Square benefit your overall health, but it will
help reduce your produce bills. The food you grow yourself is not only the freshest food you
can eat, but it is the healthiest. You don't need a big backyard or a green thumb to benefit
from gardening now.

Media Contact: Jennifer Pratt
Email: seedingsquare@gmail.com

Pitch #3:
Story Idea: Get Your Kids To Eat Veggies

With obesity now seen as an epidemic in developed nations, gardening is a fantastic
source of physical activity, and with the new Seeding Square, it is extremely kid friendly.
With your kids now involved in gardening it gives them much more appreciation for
vegetables and makes them actually enjoy the benefits of gardening right in the safety of
your own backyard. Spending time with your kids while getting the benefits of eating
organic food grown by you and your family could dramatically improve your life. With less
stress and better health, you and your family will be much happier together.

Healthy eating habits are proven to improve the overall health of an individual, and starting your kids early with these habits will carry out through their whole life, and hopefully they will continue the healthy habits with future generations. It is proven that a healthy individual will be much more positive in virtually all aspects of life. Not only is the Seeding Square beneficial for your health, it will reduce the your overall produce bill, and spending less money on food will give you the opportunity to invest elsewhere.

Media Contact: Jennifer Pratt
Email: jennifer@seedingsquare.com

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